Thursday, May 20, 2010

100 Random Things You May Not Know About Me

1. My life revolves around Christ and His ministry, my husband, my family, and my friends. In that order.
2. I drink water more than anything else.
3. I HATE cold weather. With a passion.
4. I dream in color and my dreams are realistic, but I usually forget them the moment I wake up.
5. I'm crazier than people think.
6. One crazy thing I can do pretty well is to "talk in circles" - ask Grant. Ask Melody.
7. My first word was "bear" and I have many of them.
8. I love foreign missions and I want to go to Africa, India, and the Orient sometime in my lifetime.
9. I am terrified of mice. Terrified, I say.
10. I was homeschooled.
11. From the time I was young, I've collected spoons from various states and countries.
12. I've been to Mexico twice and Brazil twice.
13. I've been to Israel.
14. When I was little, I wanted to be a fireman (firewoman?)
15. I decided against it because I'm not too fond of fire.
16. I can say all 66 books of the Bible in order and frequently race my Dad on who can say them the fastest. I still hold the record. :)
17. I'm not a morning person but my husband is currently converting me.
18. I graduated Lake Charles Bible College with a 4.0
19. My ancestry is Irish, French, and German.
20. I love jewelry.
21. I love playing Twister!
22. I absolutely adore my husband.
23. I really want to play the guitar, but I can't seem to make myself practice like I should. (plus, I like my nails)
24. I think Church Camp is the BOMB! Always has been. Some of the funniest memories I have are from late Church camp nights.
25. Regardless of where or what I want to eat, if I'm thirsty, Sonic is where I want to go. And I jump on people when they order a "plain dr pepper." When you're at Sonic, you have to put a flavor in the drink, otherwise, you should just go somewhere else.
26. I love quotes and I want to make a quote book.
27. I thoroughly enjoy movie nights.
28. I can't whistle.
29. I think it would be fun to be on Broadway.
30. There is always a song in my head.
31. My husband is the HOTTEST man alive. Don't argue with me.
32. Melody, Mercy and I quote random lines from random movies.
33. My sisters and I play "Name That Movie" and "Name That Song" and we can beat anyone, I know we can.
34. I LOVE hugs! Genuine ones.
35. I'm very nostaligic.
36. I love falling asleep to the sound of rain.
37. I'm a totally hopeless romantic.
38. I speak to young people a lot in our travels and I've been able to speak in dozens of schools.
39. My biggest platform is purity.
40. I saved my first kiss for my wedding day, and it....was.....WORTH IT!
41. I want 4 kids. 2 boys, 2 girls.
42. I'm secretly in love with chocolate covered strawberries (it's no secret now)
43. BOOKS!! Need I say more?
44. Pride and Prejudice is probably my favorite love story. 
45. I LOVE musicals!!!
46. I can sing and quote Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, State Fair, Oklahoma, Sound of Music, Singing in the Rain, South Pacific, My Fair Lady, Meet Me in St. Louis, etc.
47. Since I've been married, I have enjoyed cooking more than I ever thought possible.
48. I like simple things.
49. I was born in Louisiana (Go Tigers!)
50. But I live in Arkansas (Go HOGS!)
51. Summer breezes make me smile.
52. I have over 200 CDs
52. I love picture frames and photo albums....and pictures. ;)
53. I like candles!
54. When strangers smile at me, I feel like bursting into "....What a Wonderful World!"
55. I wish there could be background music to our life.
56. I want to hold a baby tiger.
57. White tigers are one of my favorite animals.
58. I think deer are beautiful!
59. Larry's Pizza is my favorite pizza place.
60. I've sang in Branson, MO off and on since I was six.
61. My favorite show we had was the WWC show.
62. I can pinch, pick up things, and open doors with my feet.
63. God has blessed me with some amazing friends.
64. My Mom taughth me sign language and I now teach it. I love it!
65. I am still a little girl inside.
66. I still love to swing on swingsets.
67. I enjoy being a girly girl.
68. I LOVE flowers!! Oh my... *blissful smile*
69. Spring and Autumn are my favorite seasons.
70. I can spell antidisestablishmentarianism. See? :)
71. I love singing crazy songs really loud!
72. I love horseback riding on old country roads.
72. I love The Lonely Goatherd song from The Sound of Music.
73. I like bubbles.
74. When I was little (think 7 or 8) I once played Joshua in our Church's Children's play.
75. My Dad has written three Children's plays and we've performed two of them - I Went To Heaven and The Camping Trip. Fun!
76. My favorite hymns are Have Faith In God, To God Be The Glory, I Stand Amazed, Oh What A Savior, and Because He Lives.
77. I love Praise & Worship but, in my opinion, nothing will ever surpass the hymns.
78. I was saved when I was five years old but I wasn't baptized until I was six because I was afraid of the water.
79. I love cleaning. I have to have things clean. I'm not a neat freak, I just like things put up, not thrown everywhere.
80. I HATE doing dishes.
81. I used to love playing truth or dare...until I had to eat chalk. Ever since I've been more of a "truth" person.
82. Cajun fries are the reason I live down south! (or well, one of them)
83. I love wearing PJs!
84. I want to fall more in love with my husband and Jesus every day.
85. I have three books I am working on.
86. Have you tried Edy's fruit bars? On my! They are my favorite summer desert!
87. I hate toe socks.
88. I will come up with excuses to make a cake or brownies just so I can eat the batter. And I've been known to eat half of it, so the cakes sometimes are smaller and the brownies are very often FEWER.
89. Bugs Bunny was my favorite cartoon as a kid and I'll still sing "I Dream of Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair."
90. One day, Lord willing, I'm going to sponser a child in another country.
91. I've superglued my fingers together more than once.
92. I've always wanted to be the voice of a character in a movie and I think being a veggie on Veggie Tales is ranked with winning an Oscar. :)
93. I enjoy packing ONLY when I'm excited about where I'm going.
94. I like making up words. Like...gorgabeautimatastic! (a combination of words meaning you're looking gorgeous, beautiful, marvellous and fantastic!)
95. I firmly believe that Heaven's angels are the ones who make Dove Chocolate. I have a theory about it that I'll gladly share if you ask me. :)
96. I used to have imaginary friends.
97. Other than my husband, my sisters are my best friends.
98. Sometimes I wish people spoke like William Shakespeare.
99. I have always wanted to go a whole day speaking into a British accent.
100. Life is a blessed gift! And I love living it!

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