Friday, June 25, 2010

Hello and Good Morning!

Hello and Good Morning! :)

Don't you just love the weekend? My husband, Grant, and I have plans for this one. We have a dinner, a wedding, and a singing! Fun. :) I'll enjoy all three. For now, we just have to wait out the hours until 5 p.m. Eight more hours to go!

So, what is on the agenda for today? Well, for me, it is writing, cleaning house, and getting things ready for the weekend. I have already cooked breakfast (my Sausage Egg Dish!), sent the hubby off to work, cleaned the kitchen, and completed a load of laundry! Go me! Now, I need to clean our bathroom (bleh!) and tidy up the house....which includes dusting, something I have to do daily!

Guess I better get started, eh?

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