Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Meanderings - 11/22/10

Well, we're home from Israel...home for a while, so it's back to the Meandering! This has been a glorious morning thus far! The sky is overcast, the weather is cool, the house is being cleaned, and the holidays begin this week! *happy sigh*

Bible Study... Mark

Memory Verse... Psalm 69:30
"I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify him with thanksgiving."

Husband Encouragement...
* Make home comfortable and relaxing when he gets home from work
* Encourage him more
* Clean his closet

Train Them Up...
* Read another chapter of "To Train Up a Child" by Michael & Debi Pearl
* Try to read to baby Nathan every day.
* Settle on nursery idea
* Begin making lists of things I need

Personal Goals...
* Exercise every day this week
* Write in journals
* Work on book

New Habit of the Month...
* Clean bathrooms at least once a week

MUST Do...
* Go grocery shopping before Wednesday
* Make mac & cheese and mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving
* Call Joanie
* Finish ALL the laundry
* Clean out the green room and put suitcases away

Zone...  Inside the fridge

This menu plan is tentative, but I hope it works out. I'm so glad to be home and ready to start cooking again!

M - Chicken fettuchini, veggies
W - Chili or Tomato soup??
Su - TBD

* Call up Sarah F
* Celebrate Thanksgiving Wednesday at hubby's work
* Watch Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Thursday!!!!
* Get Christmas decoration out and up this week!!!!!

3 things I'm thankful for today...
1. Cold, autumn days
2. Thanksgiving and the holiday spirit in the air!
3. Being home!

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Sarah F said...

Sounds like you have a well-planned out week! Hopefully we can connect! <3

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