Friday, June 15, 2012

Finding Him Friday & a Link Up!

Much of my time had recently been spent scrubbing my carpets. Nathan is at the age where he knows how to dump his sippy cup and he enjoys watching milk drip to the floor. So I follow close behind him cleaning up the messes and getting milk spots and juice spots out of my carpet.

And oddly enough, that's where I found Jesus today.

Next week, Camp begins, and I will teach and lead and counsel kids. The theme this year is "the Cross." As I was scrubbing stains out of my floor, I saw Christ and what was done on the Cross in my carpet. How, you ask? Well.... I mess up. A lot. I have always been a "good girl," but by no means does that make me "good." (Romans 3:23). I am clay that is rather stubborn sometimes when the Potter is trying to mold me. I fight back. Molding is painful. Shaping is uncomfortable. Change HURTS. So my rebellious spirit rises up and drops of sin stain my soul's floor. But though I am hard headed and allow little sins to take root in my life, God's grace and His love are still ever present. His blood removes the stains of my sin and, though His cleaning and scrubbing is painful for me, He has my best interest in mind. He wants me clean, free of spots....just as I want the floors of my home clean and spotless.

John 1:7
"But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son 
cleanseth us from all sin."

Where did You find Him today?

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Kate @ Teaching What Is Good said...

Very encouraging! I love the reality that we find Jesus just where we are...we don't have to go some some great cathedral. He promised to be with us, whether that be changing diapers or scrubbing floors.

Thanks for sharing this today!

Colleen said...

What an excellent analogy. I really like how you take something so very simple, something the majority of us would do without any thought at all and make it truly meaningful. Thanks for that thought today!

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