Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Created to be His is moving!

For several weeks, I have been working hard on my book about purity. I have been going back through old journals and emails and putting my whole heart on paper. It is strange that in doing that, it led me to finally do what has been brewing under the surface of my blogging heart for a while.

Created to be His is a beautiful name but where I'm at in my life right now calls for more. And my "more" is the new name for the new blog - where JOY is. Satan is the destroyer of joy. He steals our reason to do as David did and sing songs of praise, even in the midst of emotional hurt or physical pain. If he cannot have our souls, then he will try to devour our happiness and push us lower and lower into a pitiful mess of gloom. But I say, as David did, restore unto me the joy of Thy salvation!

Looking around at what we have become, even in the Church, I am burdened for myself and my fellow sisters. We have lost our joy!

Single women have no joy in waiting on the Lord's timing for romance.

Married women have no joy in serving and loving their husbands.

Mothers have no joy in investing their lives in raising and discipling their children.

Homemakers have no joy in keeping their home and making it a sanctuary for their family.

Believe me, even in the middle of long days, exhausting nights, and seasons of waiting patiently impatiently for God to move, there is joy. Though I am struggling with you, because the Bible tells us so, I KNOW we have plenty of reasons to sing, dance, shout, and rejoice in who God created us to be. And I choose joy.

So join me over at where JOY is and walk with me as the Lord teaches me how to be full-to-the-brim of His joy and how to offer that joy to the lost world in need.

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