Monday, February 1, 2010

Let the T-Zone SHINE!

Okay, so this is for more for you girls today, although I will enthusiastically applaud the guys if they read as well. My sister and I were talking about beauty the other day, and we discussed the annoyance of the T-zone know, that area of your forehead, nose, and cheeks that can't seem to stay smooth and shine-free.

Well, as we were talking, my sister's eyes got big and she said, "You know...the T-zone is the only thing on your face that shines...and it is in the shape of a cross."

And my jaw dropped.

I haven't been a fan of that annoying facial shine. But now? I don't think I'll mind as much. As girls, we have to endure the shine and apply powder if we so choose. But as Christians, we should live to shine! And how cool it is to think that the dredded t-zone is in the shape of our beloved cross. Wow! So....I say, let the T-zone shine! ;)

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