Monday, December 20, 2010

10 Things I Love

Today, I have been trying to think of everything that makes me happy; all the things that make me smile. Some days, when Satan lunges out at you, it is good to remind yourself of all the blessings God has rained down upon you. From the biggest and sweetest, like salvation, forgiveness, freedom and joy, family, friendship, and love to the simple things like chocolate, photo albums, and window shopping. Of course, there is the obvious: my husband makes me smile. My baby boy on the way makes me smile. My family makes me smile. My sisters can create instant laughter and hysteria on command. My cousins, when we are all together, provide ample entertainment and I love being with my aunts and uncles, hearing stories of when they were younger. My Church family and my best friends also bring a smile and a sweet joy to my life. There are obvious things I love but, today, I want to name 10 different, not-so-obvious-things that bring a smile to my face.

1. Squirrels - An odd way to begin a list, I know. But since I married and moved, I have taken great delight in squirrels. Why? Because we have a family of them that live on our property. I see them climbing up the tree in the front yard, playing in the grass, investigating the back porch and playing "catch" on our roof. They are cute. And they make me smile.

2. Flowers - I'm a girl. 'Nuff said.

3. Ice cream - Who doesn't like ice cream?? Summer days, winter days... it doesn't matter to me. I love making myself a bowl of yumminess and enjoying! Want to know my favorite? Blue Bell's Strawberries and Homemade Vanilla. Take my word for it, it will change your life....

4. Tender hugs - I love hugs. I love them from friends and family and from my husband. On good days and on bad days, in the morning and in the evening. I love hugs from those I love.

5. Music. I love music but there are some days when I LOVE music. You know those days when you are driving down the road and the perfect song begins to play on the radio and suddenly you find yourself weeping, worshipping, or shouting the lyrics at the top of your voice? Yeah....

6. Smiles from strangers - I'm from the south. Here in the south, we wave to each other as we pass them on gravel and country roads, we say "y'all," we cook with grease, we drink sweet iced tea, and we smile as we walk past each other. Southern people are just NICE....(well...usually, anyway). And I love it.

7. Books - You can ask my husband. When we walk into Mardels or any Christian book store, he must restrain me and hold me back from running down the aisles. He usually puts me on a time limit. Does it work? Occasionally. But I love books. They make me smile.

8. Baby animals - Years ago I had a kitten named Wonka who, unfortunately, couldn't stay out of the dog's mouth. The dog wasn't trying to hurt Wonka, he just liked to shake him around. Well, after several episodes of that, we noticed that Wonka's growth was....well....stunted. He would remain a tiny cat forever (at least until he endured one shake too many). I loved it. I love small animals, baby animals. If I had my way, I would freeze a puppy or kitten or bunny in time, keeping them small and cute and adorable. Unfortunately, that can't happen, but it's something I would love!

9. Dresses and skirts - I'm a country girl and I wear jeans. But there is something about a dress and/or skirt that makes me feel like a lady. I love the beauty that comes with flowing skirts and the elegance and grace it brings out in a girl...or, in ME, anyway.

10. Christmas! - No, it's not because Christmas is just a few days away. It is not because there are decorations everywhere. It's not because Christmas music is constantly playing, lights are on the houses, or because Christmas commercials and movies are on. I just LOVE Christmas! I love the lights, the tree, the music (*sigh*), the hot apple cider and hot chocolate, the wrapping paper, baking cookies, the hope of snow, the excitement, the traditions my family has...I love it all! I love sitting down with "White Christmas" or "Holiday Inn." I love the stockings full of fruit and candy. I love decorating. I love watching "The Nativity Story" and remembering the reason we celebrate!

What simple things do YOU love?

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Anonymous said...

Yes we do need to remind our selves of all the wonderful things the Lord has done for us. It's hard sometimes when satan tries to weigh you down with all the things you don't have.

Mrs J

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