Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Taste-Buster Burger

Last night, I created THE yummiest burger eva! I was hungry for a hamburger, but didn't want your average meat-mayo-cheese-etc-bread kind of burger. So, I got creative and though Grant and I both felt like we needed to run a 5k afterwards in order to burn all the calories, we enjoyed it nonetheless!'s huge. Here is how you make, what I have called, "the taste-buster burger:"

1) Season your meat patties with garlic salt, pepper, and worcester sauce

2) While meat is cooking on the grill (I used our George Forman), cook two pieces (per sandwich) of bacon.

3) Toast both sides of bun or bread

4) Get out your condiments. I used mayo, american cheese, mozzarella, tomatoes, and lettuce.

5) When bacon is finished cooking, place it in a paper-towel-covered plate

6) Fry yourself an egg (one per sandwich)

7) Once everything is cooked, begin layering! Meat, cheeses, tomato, bacon, egg, lettuce! Enjoy the calories-overdose!


Anonymous said...

Gluttony is a sin Kristen!

Kristen Elizabeth said...

Wow, are you serious?? Enjoying a good burger (or anything else) isn't gluttony. If you will look up the word, it means to eat "like a dog." Like, "I want my food, and your food, and your food too." I don't know who you are but that comment was a bit ridiculous.

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