Monday, June 13, 2011

Two Months Old

Today my little boy is two....months....old! It's hard to believe that two months ago I was in labor, anxious to push my baby into the world. And now, he is growing like a weed, coo-ing, and smiling... gracious. Time really does fly!

So what's new with baby Nathan?

Well, he has been sleeping all night for a whole week now, which is fantastic! I am praying that will last. We have been practicing stage #1 of sleeping training, which is excellent.

He has been coo-ing a lot now. When he "talks" it sounds like "ah-goo" so I'll usually say "ah-goo" over and over when I'm trying to get him to talk to me. He understands the words "Momma, "Dadda," "Paci" and "Babbu" (bottle). He's so smart! :)

Lately, he has begun to fling the paci out of his mouth and suck his fingers instead, which I find AODRABLE! He still loves his paci...but I guess he figured out that his fingers are a little easier to handle.

He is definitely growing. I haven't checked his weight but I'm sure he's hit the 9 lb mark, which makes me happy. He is healthy, happy, and CUTE! What more can a momma ask for, right??

Say... "Momma!"

Precious little smile!

Sucking them fingers....


Daddy time!

Blanket time

Out goes the paci


"I'm two months old!!"


HIS daughter said...

Awww he is so adorable and looks like such a happy baby :) Love the pictures! :)

Rachelle said...

He's such a precious darling!! It's hard to believe he's 2 months old already! Wow. Thanks for the update on what he's doing and how he's changing!!

Purposely at Home said...

How cute he his!! Yea for all night sleepin'! ;)

Lisa said...


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