Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Christian's Response to Halloween

Halloween is hailed as the second biggest holiday in the year (the first being Christmas). It is known as being the holy day for our enemy (witches, the Satanic church, pagans). Of course, the Roman Catholic Church tried to "Christianize" the day, making it a little less evil and a little easier for the people of God to compromise on. Their efforts succeeded because, now, there are disputes among Christians as to whether or not we should observe the Day of the Dead.

So here is the question: What should be our response to Halloween? Should we run from it, afraid? Should we "Christianize" it and add a little Jesus in the evil mix? Should we participate in some, just not all, the traditions? What do we do? Below is my opinion and how my husband and I have resolved to respond to various scenarios of Halloween.

  1. Carving pumpkins. Considering the origin of the Jack-o-Lantern, we have resolved to stay away from carving faces in pumpkins. It being the fall, I like putting out hay bales and pumpkins on the lawn or porch. I will hang an autumn wreath. I will acknowledge the fall season leading up to Thanksgiving. But a carved (or even painted) pumpkin, for Halloween or any other time for that matter, will not be done.
  2. Trick-or-Treating. It sounds harmless but, again, being fully aware of the origin of trick-or-treating and what it was (and still is, whether we are ignorant of it or not), we have resolved to never participate in it. We are aware that many will tell us to lighten up and let our son go have some fun, but let me just say, as Joshua did, "As for me and my house...." we will not support or be involved in a tradition whose origins are satanic. We will not reenact age-old Druid rituals and traditions.
  3. Costumes. Did you know that the original purpose of masks and costumes was to disguise oneself as a harmful spirit? The Celtic origin of the costumes was to conceal your true identity and, instead, masquerade as a demon or evil spirit so you could avoid harm. So, being fully aware, we will not purchase or wear costumes.
  4. Haunted Houses. Haunted houses, spook houses, all of them have one goal - to scare you. Each one uses their own tactics. Autopsy rooms, funeral services, tombs, potion cellars, spiders, bats, vampires, zombies - people use whatever they can to make the spectator tremble with fear. Knowing that we, as Christians, serve the God of light (in whom is no darkness at all), we will not be found anywhere near such "houses."
  5. Trunk-or-Treat. A common alternative to trick-or-treat is "trunk-or-treat" where Church members will park in their Church parking lot and pass out candy and tracts to the trick-or-treaters. I'm sure whoever came up with this idea meant well and I understand a passion to spread the gospel. I'm 100% for spreading tracts and sharing the gospel and God can use trunk-or-treat to do that. But I, personally, just have an issue with it. In my mind, I'm still supporting treat-or-treat. I am still reenacting those ancient practices that are evil. That's my personal conviction. It may not be yours and that's okay. Regardless, I urge you to pray about ways we, as Christians, can be the light without compromise.
Jeremiah 10:2
says, "Thus saith the LORD, Learn not the way of the heathen..." I believe very strongly that we should respond to Halloween with offensive tactics and loudly declare, "We will NOT! And not only will we NOT, we are going to do everything we can to encourage others to "NOT."  As children of the light, a Christian's response should be likewise. We should have no (meaning: none, nada, zilch, zero) fellowship with the works of the darkness (Ephesians 5:11). We should be peculiar and set-apart and different from the world.

Can you imagine what would take place if the people of God would get some backbone, stand up, and refuse to indulge in occultic holidays? Can you imagine the statement it would make if we gave no money towards Halloween candy, cards, and costumes? Can you imagine the impact we would have on the world if we firmly planted our feet on the truth of the Word of God and gave no support for the Day of the Dead? Can you imagine the legacy we would leave if we, parents, would sit our kids down and tell them the truth? If we taught them to refuse to compromise and instructed them to flee the appearance of evil? If WE led our household by the Words of the God who has no darkness in Him? If we cared more about what HE has said than about accommodating and pacifying our children? Dare I say that if we acted in THAT way, the Lord would POUR out His blessings upon us and our country like never before?

Ephesians 4:27
"Neither give place to the devil."

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