Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm Human

I am going to be candid and honest and vulnerable today.
I'm tired.
Yeah, I know. Shocker. 

Throughout my life, I have made choices that have tagged me as naive, old fashioned, hateful, judgemental, and unrealistic. When I was a teenager and made a choice not to date or kiss, people laughed at me. Some were my friends. Some were members of my own family. When I chose to stand up against something that did not glorify God, be it the prom or certain movies or the like, my own friends made fun of me and, eventually, cut me off. My teenage years were not easy and fun. Because of the stands I took, I was the third wheel nearly everywhere. I would be in a room full of young people, but totally alone because no one truly liked me because I was just too.....much. Too different. Too extreme. I'm not going to pretend to be immortal and say that I never noticed or that it didn't phase me. It did. And it hurt. I'm human, people. I have blood running through my veins too.

It is no different today. I speak, sing, write, and blog about going against the flow. I blog about tough issues that are at war with our flesh - MY flesh. I write about doing things God's way. I challenge everyone to stand up and live like the children of God and joint heirs with Christ should live. Yes, I get loud. Yes, I am bold. But that doesn't mean that I am in any way incapable of weeping or of love.

Yes, I have loudly declared that breast cancer awareness should be about true awareness and not about sex or lust or immodesty.

Yes, I have taken a stand against Harry Potter and all the evil, satanic movies and TV shows that are infiltrating our culture.

Yes, I have made a firm stand against alcohol....of every kind.

Yes, I have stood strongly against divorce and divorce and remarriage.

Premarital sex, living together, secular and ungodly music, R-rated movies, proms and other dances, polluted Bibles - yes, I've stood against a lot. I have, since I was young, been passionate about truth and desperate for others to see and embrace truth. Sometimes my words have comes across harsh. Sometimes they have not. Sometimes I have been a trumpet (Isaiah 58:1) and have sounded loud. Other times, I have tried to speak gently, almost begging for the listeners and readers to please walk in the light of truth.

This post is not going to be a pity party because I don't regret one stand I have taken in my life. Of course, there are a few times when I could have been a little more gentle and I regret that I wasn't, but not once do I wish that I had never taken "this" stand or "that" stand. Not once. But as I said, I'm human, people. I get weary in well-doing even though Paul encouraged us not to. I get angry and hurt when people treat me wrong even though the whole world hates Christ and His love never changes. I'll say it again: I'm human. I get tired of the messages in my inbox telling me how wrong I am for choosing God's way. I get tired of the comments that go against Biblical truth. I get tired of the hateful remarks against me, personally, and against my family. I get irritated. I get burdened. I even feel sorry for myself every now and then. I struggle with feelings and emotions, same as you.

I felt the need to write and clear the air. A lot of people think I'm a goody-goody who thinks she's right all the time. A lot of people think I'm hateful, judgemental, and unloving when I "tell it like it is." They forget about the many times I write about the amazing love of God. They forget about the good stuff. But the hard issues find my inbox full of prosecution. So, may I please take the stand? I'm embarrassed to even defend myself because Jesus never did. So I won't. I'll just humbly say this:

I love Jesus. I want it to show. What His whole Word says, I want to repeat and I want to live it out. I would like company walking the narrow road, but it's okay if I don't have it. But before you label me as "one of them" and condemn me for giving my utmost and my best and my all, please remember that I'm human too. Just like you.


Lisa said...

There are many who stand with you and are proud of you. Just don't forget about those, too...although I TOTALLY understand what you are talking about! You are doing the right, Godly, Biblical thing. Love you, Kristen! <3 ::big hug::

HIS daughter said...

Well said! Bringing it back to Jesus! I admire you and am so excited to see what He will continue to do in and through you!!! Blessings! And hugs! :)

Anonymous said...

Bless your heart!

Elizabeth O. McBride said...

Kristen, I'm not sure what this means:"I'm not going to pretend to be immortal and say that I never noticed or that it didn't phase me. " Immortal means living forever, I think you must have meant another word.

The King's Bride said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Kristen, I was wondering, what is your stand on remarriage. (I happen to believe the Word, which says that to remarry is to be an adulteress... so what do you council those who are in this position? Separation? I love that you stand against things which go against - I try to too. But please - I would love to know your biblical position on this? Would you mind telling me/us? Thank you. Jo

Kristen Elizabeth Lee said...

Jo, this is the recen post I made on divorce and remarriage:

Kristen Elizabeth Lee said...

Elizabeth, it also means supernatural....which I'm not. I'm human. I won't live forever (bodily). I'm not immune to earthly pain. That was my point.

Anonymous said...

"They forget about the many times I write about the amazing love of God."

What about loving and accepting people who aren't like you and don't think like you? That is where the "hateful, judgemental, and unloving" comments come from.

Anonymous said...

It IS loving to tell what the Word of God says... it isn't judgemental to tell what God says... it is unloving to quietly go about your business, whilst those around you are going to hell. You carry on Kristen, there need to be more voices willing to take the hits... I'm praying for it.

Kristen Elizabeth Lee said...

Thank you, Jo, I appreciate your encouragement. And I agree that it isn't judgemental to say what God has said. :)

Anonymous, my point was made by your statement. I am labeled as "unloving" by speaking truth - the WHOLE truth - according to the Word of God. I am repeating GOD, yet HE is loving and I'm not? No. I wouldn't bother or waste my time repeating Him if I didn't love as well.

And judgemental. If the Bible says, "all drunks are going to hell," and I REPEAT that....then how am I judgemental? No. I am an echo. We forget that God has two sides. One side loves all and longs for the world to run to His Son and be forgiven and saved from sin. The other side says, "if you refuse, this is the consequence." The same God who said, "God so loved" also said "Thus saith the Lord." The same God who invites us to heaven, also destroyed the world in Noah's day because of sin.

God accepts all just as they are. "Just as I am, without one plea..."

HOWEVER, when His blood is shed and then poured over your sin, YOU should CHANGE. "Behod....all things are become new." If there's no difference, there was no salvation. So yes, He accepts...as do I. But what He doesn't accept are people who call themselves Chrstians and have zero difference from the world (perfect example is Revelation 3:14-19). I'm accepting of anyone, BUT I won't just open mindly accept lifestyles that are sinful, choices that are sinful, etc. God doesn't do that and neither will I. People can (and will) call it unloving and unaccepting and judgemental.....but truth is truth is truth is truth.

Jennifer said...

Dear Kristen,

I'm late commenting... it's been about a month away from my computer for various reasons other than an occasional "jump on for a second" whim once or twice.

I think your words are a breath of fresh air among the whispers the world speaks into the ears of its inhabitants. The whispers lie, deceive, and rob so many of so much. Your clear words that echo God's love, mercy, and truth do march to the beat of a different drum... but it's an inspiring, comforting, and truth filled beat!

Holding you in prayers of upliftment, encouragement, strength, and bold pursuit of anything and everything our creator has in store for you. Email me if there's anything specific you would like prayer for... I'm on the same narrow road, and know company can be comforting.

{{Love ya sweets.}}

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