Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cloth Diaper Purchases

Okay, so I am nearly a month into 85% cloth diapering. I say 85% because when we go out, I still use disposable most of the time and Nathan wears a disposable to bed. But I am slowly on my way to becoming "cloth exclusive." So today I decided to share what I have bought and the products that I have come to love, thus far (there are so many!).

Nearly a month ago, I spent a grand total of $92.82 for cloth diapers and accessories. You may be thinking, "$92.82?? For diapers? That's quite expensive...." Well, it was a chunk of money that I didn't fully enjoy spending (I'm very frugal), but I am SO SO SO SO pleased with my purchases. AKA - it was money WELL spent! :) When you calculate the cost of disposable diapers vs. cloth, cloth diapers come out on top every time. :) Here is an awesome chart to better understand the amount of money you save when you use cloth diapers instead of disposable. Oh and for the record, I am NOT against disposable! I have several packages in my house. My reasons for using cloth are 1) because it's cheaper (and who doesn't love that?!), 2) because it's more natural and free of chemicals, and 3) because they are the ultimate in recycling. Here is a very interesting article with facts on cloth vs. disposable. Beware, some of it will make you go - EW!

So with all that said, moving on....

Having only one, very small diaper cover, I knew I needed to buy at least three more in the next size for Nathan. So after browsing around for what seemed like hours (....and it might have been), looking at the various functions and styles, I ended up getting one, Bummis Super Lite diaper cover, one Blueberry Coverall One Size, and two Imagine One Size diaper covers. I'm very practical, so of the four diaper covers I bought, three were solid-colored and could be used for a boy or a girl. But I did spend a few extra dollars on the fourth one because I just couldn't resist the oh-so-cute pattern....monkeys.

After purchasing the covers, I knew I needed more cloth diapers. I wanted to have enough to last two, maybe even three days should something prevent me from being able to wash every day. So I purchased two dozen Imagine Indian Prefold diapers. Love them. They are very soft and are thicker than the Wal-Mart brand cloth diapers and they look so much more comfortable. If I were a baby, I would much rather have them on my bottom than disposable. I am very glad that I purchased two dozen as well, as that makes it where I wash one load of cloth diapers - with covers - every other day. If I had to, and I haven't had to yet, I am sure I could make it every two days, but I don't like having soiled diapers in the pail for that amount of time. Ew....

To top it off, I bought one wet bag. There were - and are - so many to choose from, but I ended up getting the Bumpkins Zippered wet bag which I am VERY pleased with. I used it for the first time last weekend when I spent the night with my family while my husband was out hunting with friends and I am officially happy with it (I was nervous at first!).  In fact, I will most likely be buying a bigger one in the future. The wet bag is for storing the soiled diapers (and clothes if need be). It is leak-proof and smell-proof (glory be!) and very easy to manage. I had it hooked to my diaper bag and never had a problem with it.

I have found it to be incredibly easy to use cloth diapers. There are many websites you can go to in order to buy various cloth diaper products, but MY personal favorite is Do your own research. You may find a place that better serves you, but I was incredibly impressed with Nicki's Diapers and will be using it more in the future. :)

So there's the cloth update! I'm loving it and....judging by the boy's face....I think he loves it too.

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Lisa said...

Woohoo! Go Kristen! I am working to get my supply up and am so happy thus far. Still planning to do disposable for the first few weeks, but after that...ALL cloth! I have the wet bag, a ton of indian prefolds, and some AIO Grovia one size fits all (thanks to the Porters). Oh! And a wet bag...a great big one that I can put in a diaper pail (also courtesy of the Porters). I am hoping to get some Thirsties diaper covers either from my registry or purchasing myself and then I am set! Then I am hoping to be able to make all my own wipes, too! :D

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