Thursday, April 12, 2012

Prom Alternative || A Picture of Set-Apartness

A fellow mom and sweet friend of mine sent me a note today, praising our God for the strong conviction and Godly decision her daughter made concerning prom. I have already made a post about what the Bible says about functions like high school dances, but listen to this powerful testimony of a high school student who made an unpopular choice, but one that pleased God.

My daughter (who will be 17 this year), and is at that "prom going" age, has decided to pass on prom because of her thoughts on it. Her steady boyfriend (who she refers to has her God-friend since she thinks the term boyfriend is too overused and cliche nowadays), is a Senior this year, and has a prom coming up later this month at his school. He too has beliefs against it, and was mocked fairly heavily at his high school for his beliefs.

One evening, he was here at our house and he was sharing with us the mocking he was receiving at school over his reasons for not wanting to attend his senior prom. He was asking us to pray that God give him the courage and strength to stand strong in front of those coming against him.

Through the conversation, one thing led to another, and he and my daughter complied what they are calling Prom Alternative 2012. They spoke with their youth pastor about it, and it was made official, and they're pushing it in full motion. They started spreading the word to other members of the youth group (some attend his school, some don't) and many of the teens stated that they were going to the prom because it's a memory to create their senior year. My daughter made point that they can create a memory on that prom night, only it can be one to be proud of for years to come because it brought God glory rather than sadness. So many have agreed to go now, that they've ordered custom tshirts to wear the following Monday that say Prom Alternative 2012, and they're hoping the shirts will be a witnessing tool for them. The money that the teens would have used for prom tickets at their school ($50 per couple or $30 for a single ticket) will be paying for the cost of the shirts, with all leftover funds going into the offering plate at church.

Prom is Saturday, April 21st. So on that evening, they will be dressing up in [tasteful and elegant] gowns and tuxedo's, going out to eat as a youth group at a local restaurant that does not serve alcohol to any of its patrons, then going to the church for a youth service that the youth pastor has agreed to speak at (after all, if youth can dress up for a dance at a school, why not look their best for the Lord in worship). The youth pastor, his wife, and a few other adult members that work with the youth group have agreed to chaperon a church lock-in after the service until the following morning, where they will have full access to an indoor basketball court, games, bible study, music and instruments, and fellowship.

I could not be more proud of this plan of action they are taking to make a stand to please God, and witness to others in the process about their beliefs. I thought this might be an idea to share at your own church youth group, or to other young girls you may mentor. All it takes is an idea, and presenting it to adults in the church that are willing to help these teens make a stand for what they believe.
Are you willing to be set-apart?

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