Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nursery Ideas!

I am 10 1/2 weeks pregnant!

Only 30 more weeks to go! WOW! I'm beginning to make lists of what I want (i.e. changing table, car seat, diaper bag, types of bottles, etc). So far, I have found a diaper pail I really like and want. Take a look:

Along with lists of things I know I will need, I am also getting ideas for our nursery! We still have several weeks before we will be able to find out if we are having a bundle of snips, snails, and puppy dog tails or a cuddly, sweet bundle of sugar, spice and everything nice! So, until we find out, I am getting ideas for both. Once we find out, we will make the decision and get to work cleaning out the room and begin painting and decorating! I'm anxious for that! But, for now, I am fully enjoying browsing around online for cool nursery ideas.

So far, if the Lord chooses to bless us with a little boy, we want a rustic, total BOY room. No traditional blue. A generic room like this is a possibility:

With something neutral, it will make it easier as "he" grows. Just take out the baby stuff and pop in the big boy stuff, no painting required! Anyway, that's possible. The main idea Grant and I have is a camouflage theme with a warrior-touch. Maybe something like this:

 Or maybe something similiar to this:

It's a good start. We're wanting the room, if we have a boy, to have the feel of country life, of manhood, and have a warrior-style theme as well - FIT for a country-living, manly, warrior-poet-to-be!

However, IF God blesses us with a cuddly little girl, we want her to feel like a princess! I want a girly but modern look that she would be able to grow into, not out of. I have considered lavender like this:

It still looks a bit baby-ish, but it's an option. I am also heavily considering royal blue. Maybe something like this:

I love the richness of that color. But, as of now, I just can't get past the pink and chocolate brown look. Below are two ideas I have for a possible girl nursery:

SO, there are some of our ideas! Like I said, it will still be a while before we find out the gender of our baby, but it's fun to get a head-start on the planning! There is lots more to do than I thought, but what a fun job it is!

Feel free to pass along your ideas!


Hannah V. said...

I love your ideas, esp with the girls! Maya had a chocolate/pink room although we left the walls white, which I was so glad we did because now that I'm expecting again, the nursery can be a total different theme. :)

I can so see you with a boy, so that's my prediction for now. :) We found out what this one was at 13 weeks....and we found out that they thought maya was a girl at 15 weeks.

Kristen Lisemby Lee said...

Goodness, I will be about 12 weeks at my next appointment. It'll be closer than I thought! :)

Do you happen to have pictures of her room? Or good places to buy the bedding?

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