Friday, May 25, 2012

Finding Him Friday & a Link Up!

Today, I am joining the "link up" world and extending an open hand to fellow bloggers.

What is Finding Him Friday?

If you are like me, then you often find yourself lost in a mountain of daily tasks that demand your time and energy. And before you know it, a whole day has passed without spending time with Jesus. You know what I mean....

The alarm goes off. You jump up. You shower. You feed your family. You clean the kitchen. You make the beds. You hit the laundry. You teach your children. You run errands. You check your email and you blog (because, hey, you've got to have some ME time, right?). Nap time. Playtime. Bath time. Feeding. You cook supper. You spend time with your husband. You put the kids to bed. You polish off the last couple of things on your ever-growing To-Do list. And then you collapse onto your pillow.

No precious moments of intimacy. No wrestling prayer. No sitting at His feet. Not even a simple "thank You, Lord."  Too much Martha and not enough Mary. That's me.

So with that in mind, I introduce Finding Him Friday, where we take a moment to pause and find Him in the little things in our life; and praise Him for it.
Today, I am taking a moment to thank Jesus for my little boy. Each day, I am reminded of God's grace when I look into the face of my precious son. Through him, I am learning what it means to have childlike faith and trust. I find Jesus in the late hours of the night when I check on him in bed. I find the Lord when he looks at me and smiles that sweet, adorable, can't-match-it-in-cuteness smile. I find Him in the simple trust my son has in me to feed him, care for me, catch him, and hold him. And I praise God for being the everlasting and loving Father that He is.

Take a moment and stop. Breathe. Look around. Where do you find Him?

Link up time!
Please grab the button below and link back here. You are encouraged and
welcomed to share posts about finding Him in your everyday life.



Jaimie said...

Hi Kristen,
I'd love to link up, and I posted your button on my blog post, but when I tried to add my link it said I needed to have a back-link and the site couldn't find the one I already put on my post. Could I have an explanation, please, and some help so I can add my link? Thanks!

Kristen said...

I believe it's fixed now. :) Try it again. Sorry for the trouble.

Laura said...

I love your blog!! We are created for Him! Just love your heart and am glad to link up. :)

Susan Godfrey said...

Thank you for participating in Creative @ Home for 05/23/12, I appreciate it! I'd love to have you join us again this week!


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