Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Are We Seeking His Face?

A man in our Church has this saying that fits very well with this post. He often asks, "Are we seeking God's face? Or His hands?" Profound. And very true. Very often, when we pray, we are seeking the hands of God, instead of desperately seeking after His face.

What are we seeking??

“You can’t have serious interest in prayer when you’re full of yourself. The prayer is a farce. The typical local church prayer meeting is a joke. It’s disgusting. It’s grievous to the Holy Spirit. Some pastors jokingly, and yet I suppose seriously, say ‘Our church prayer meeting is the organ recital. And all the organs of the body are talked about and prayer is requested.’ And here’s a nation rushing to hell and we concern ourselves with broken fingers and pains in our side. We haven’t taken prayer seriously, and we can’t because we haven’t humbled ourselves.”
- Richard Owen Roberts
"If you have any pride in your life it is because you have not yet had a full revelation of Christ."
- Richard Owen Roberts

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