Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Meanderings - 01/24/2011

Bible Study... Proverbs 31

Memory Verse... Proverbs 31:13
"She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands."

Husband Encouragement...
♥ Take care of him.
♥ Enjoy life together.
♥ Read our Bible and pray together more this week than last week.

Train Them Up...
* Read one chapter of the Bible a day to him.
* Deal with him hitting my ribcage. :p
* Continue reading/studying pregnancy/dilvery books.

Personal Goals...
* Try to continue to eat healthy this week
* Excersise
* Work on book when possible

New Habit of the Month...
* Practice violin every day (did horrible last week!)

MUST Do...
* Clean the WHOLE house
* Wash the floor mats. They are disgusting! (didn't get to this last week)
* Go grocery shopping tomorrow.

Zone...  the whole house


M - I'm thinking soup....
Th - Dinner w/Grant's family for a birthday
F - ....something fun and yummy!
Su - TBD

* Two sisters and two friends coming Friday for the weekend!
* Resting today

3 things I'm thankful for today...
1. PILLOWS (I'm tired today, fyi)
2. Health and healing
3. My sweet husband

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Elisabeth said...

Praying you are having a wonderful week! <3

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