Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Anniversary Ideas

I just realized that my first wedding anniversary is in less than 2 weeks! Eeeeee! What an incredible year it has been. Many testings. Many adventures. Many things learned. Many amazingly joyful moments! I love being married and am anxious to see what God has in store for the years to come. Though I can't imagine being more in love with Grant than I am today, I know, from talking with other happily married couples, that it only gets better. And that excites me!

So, with our anniversary only a little over a week away, I am finishing up my gift for Grant (which I will reveal AFTER our day). But I'm curious.... What are some great 1st anniversary gifts? Have any super (but low-key) ideas about how to celebrate? Considering the fact that I will either be a mommy or ginormously huge on the day of my anniversary, we plan to *ahem* stay at home (if we're not in the hospital, that is!).

So....ideas, anyone?


Rachelle said...

Congrats on the upcoming first anniversary!!!!!!! How exciting!! Isaac and I had a very memorable first anniversary, haha - we spent it in a hotel because our home was contaminated with black mold. It was a time we'll never forget - but it was a trial that brought us closer together. Yay for Godly marriages and for intimacy between spouses! May God bless you and Grant with a connection that continues to grow each year as you spend the rest of your lives together. Congratulations!!

Kristen Elizabeth Lee said...

haha! I had forgotten about that! Days like that DO bring you closer together. Though not always a bed of roses, it makes for true bonding moments. :)

Anonymous said...

Our first? We had our little Noah, already nearly 4 weeks old - and the anniversary is a blur! hehe Congrats on yours... A godly marriage is beyond counting... With God, marriage is the best!

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