Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Pregnancy 10 Commandments

So here I am, at 39 weeks! Who knows when the big day will be? All I know is that I'm ready, the nursery is complete, our bags are packed, and the time is near! It has been a quick 9 months, yet I feel like I have been pregnant for FOREVER! Strange...

In the past 9 months, I have learned many things. For any of you moms-to-be (or ladies hoping to get pregnant one day), I have jotted down what I call the "10 Commandments of Pregnancy" for your reading enjoyment.

1. Thou shalt not look at pictures of yourself pre-pregnancy. Ever. Why? It will make your self esteem plummet. Don't look at photos of yourself before pregnancy while you're sporting a baby bump. Just stare at your growing belly and remember that you have a life in there!

2. Thou shouldst enjoy the feeling of oneness with your baby. It's funny. It's weird. It's amazing. It's painful. Wrap it all up in a package and give it to yourself! It's a great thing.

3. Thou shalt not weigh thyself every day. It is detrimental to your sanity, I have discovered. According to my doctor, I have gained an appropriate amount of baby weight for my size, height, and age. Don't ask me how I feel, however. I just nod and say, "Good" when I'm told that I'm right on track.

4. Thou shalt drink water and eat healthy. Though I have had my share of cravings, as posted yesterday, I have endeavored to eat well throughout my pregnancy. Yes, I have enjoyed an occasional candy bar and a handful of cookies, but I have tried, when I feel like eating sugar, to grab a piece of fruit or, maybe, drink a small milkshake. And my goodness, down the WATER! Toss the sodas and only drink juice made with 100% fruit. Don't go crazy, but just do your best to stay healthy.

5. Love thy husband. No, he is not pregnant. No, he does not know or understand what's going on or how you feel. But love him anyway. Go easy on him. Deep down, he wishes he could understand (and of course, you do too!). So talk about the pregnancy, but don't get angry if he just doesn't get it. That's why God created YOU to grow and birth babies, not him.

6. Thou shalt not do heavy manual labor.
Nope. Take advantage of it too. No heavy lifting. No working from dawn to dusk without stopping. Take it easy. Ask for help. And enjoy being a princess for a while. It's okay to ask for an ice lemonade, some grapes and a fan!

7. Thou shalt keep a journal. I am sorry to say that, though I have journaled a lot, I haven't done as well of a job in this area as I wished I had. I am thankful that I have blogged and journaled many, many things in the last 9 months, but I wish I would have recorded more. So, take the advice and be sure you write everything down. Trust me, once "pregnancy brain" kicks in, you'll wish you had!

8. Thou shalt wear clothes that FIT. I don't know about you, but when ladies dress....well....completely unladylike, it is horrid. When they dress in clothes that are too tight, too revealing, and too "small," it is disgusting. It has amazed me at how some women actually want to take even more off when they become pregnant. Gross. Cover up. Be modest. When you go clothes shopping, find clothes that draw eyes to your face, honourably adorn your body, show off your adorable "bump" but, most of all, bring glory to the One who planted that little life inside you.

9. Thou shalt talk to your baby. Don't kid yourself....babies hear you. Studies have shown that babies begin to hear around 16 weeks. By the sixth month of your pregnancy, their hearing is acute and accurate and they can respond to noises, even recognize certain sounds! So talk to your baby. Pray for AND with him/her. We cannot see God, but He speaks to His children. Speak to yours.

10. Remember to smile. In the midst of the swelling and waddling and feeling completely clumsy and unattractive, you have a reason to smile. So do it. You'll feel better.


Rachelle said...

Love it! You're such a great pregnant mommy. I know you are going to be an amazing mommy when he gets here, too!

HIS daughter said...

LOVE this post :) I will have to keep these in mind for when my turn comes Lord willing :)
Blessings!! :)

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