Friday, April 8, 2011

Pregnancy Cravings || pt 2

It has been 9 months. WOW! Lots learned. Many "new" experiences and frustrations, but I have to say that it has been somewhat of an easy pregnancy. Oh sure, I have had my share of headaches, swelling, mood swings, fatigue, discomfort, blah blah blah blah, but I have been enormously blessed with an uncomplicated pregnancy and a low amount of horrific-ness!

But let's not forget the ever-common and very interesting pregnancy experience - cravings! What have mine been? Let me share them..

  • My first weird pregnancy craving was back in October and it was the pinto beans and cheese from Taco Bell. I "needed" them so much that I ended up buying the Taco Bell brand pintos at the grocery store so I could have them any time I wanted at home.
  • For about a week, I ate jalapenos with everything. I've always enjoyed mexican and spicy foods, but jalapenos every day at nearly every meal? That's not normal, even for the spicy food lover. Breakfast? I'll have eggs, please.....with jalapenos on the side!
  • In November I craved bacon for a week or so. It could be due to the fact that we had just returned from Israel where a bacon cheese burger is non-existent....but considering the fact that I didn't go crazy with bacon after my first trip to the Holy Land, I think it's safe to say that this was, indeed, a pregnancy craving.
  • Red grapes. From August until now, I have put away my share of red grapes. I'm willing to bet that more than a quarter of my baby weight is red grapes alone.
  • For a month back in January I.....needed.....grapefruit. This disturbed Grant who hates grapefruit. I have loved it for a while, but in January?? have.....GRAPEFRUIT!
  • My recent and final craving has been milkshakes and/or ice cream. I actually have five different kinds of ice cream in this house as I type this. The good thing? There have been five different kinds for a while....meaning I haven't gorged myself, but have enjoyed it in moderation.
So there you have it! No "pickles and ice cream" for me. I have always hated pickles anyway. *gag* And, thankfully, my baby boy didn't care enough for them to send my body into a "I-must-have-pickles" phase. Whew! hehe.


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