Monday, April 4, 2011

The Pregnancy Files || pt 2

38 1/2 weeks down. Who knows how many days/weeks left. That's all up to baby Nathan....or, really, all up to the Lord. Being full term and extremely uncomfortable, I think you can guess how I'm praying.

Currently, Nathan is around 6 or 6 1/2 pounds and about 18-19 inches long. He is very active and makes my tummy roll quite often which is more entertaining than a movie in my opinion. According to my doctor, I am normal and doing well. Of course, I feel like a waddling and clumsy cow, but if she says I'm normal then I will make myself believe her!

Last month, I made the first pregnancy files post. Now, it's time for an update. Soooooo, here we go!
  • I dropped. YAY! The good news? I can breathe. The bad news? I can't walk *imeanwaddle* comfortably.
  • Along with dropping, I am also 1 cm (maybe 2) dilated. Hooray!
  • Baby Nathan's head is directly above my cervix, which made my doctor very happy...which in turn makes ME very happy too.
  • I am having major pelvic discomfort. I appreciate the fact that the kid is low and getting ready to make his debut, but the pain of walking isn't all that fun. However, as my doc says, "No pain, no gain." If the gain is a cuddly bundle of snips, snails, and puppy dog tails, then I'll take the pain.
  • Swelling came to visit a month ago. I had to resize my wedding ring but have been wearing it less due to occasional super swelling. And my feet and ankles? omygoodness! Because of this, I have been trying to take in as much water as possible, but I have to say, "miss Swelling" has largely overstayed her welcome.
  • Sleeping is becoming an adventure at night. I either can't get comfortable or my mind starts racing 110 miles per hour thinking of everything under the sun: Cleaning the house, labor pains, my water breaking in public, actually holding him in my arms, coming home and becoming a family, bottles, baby burp cloths, You name it, my mind will hit at night.
  • My belly button popped. I'm actually glad it did. In my opinion, if my tummy is going to stretch to the max, I might as well get some entertainment out of it. And a popped belly button? That's super intriguing and entertaining to me.
There you have it! I have to say, pregnancy is quite an adventure.

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Rachelle said...

Wow, it's hard to believe you are this close! So exciting!! :D Keep us updated!

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