Monday, February 20, 2012

Juicing for Baby

The other day, I had some apples and oranges that were about to go bad. To my shock, I realized that it had been quite a while since I had juiced any fruits or vegetables. So I pulled out my juicer to make me some fresh juice. While I poured my glass, I thought, "My goodness, my baby boy is a big boy...and I bet he will LOVE this." So I poured some into his sippy-cup and handed it to him. OH MY GOODNESS. You'd have thought I'd handed him the moon. He loved it. He drank it all quicker than he has ever drank anything. And boy, was I proud! Of course, I called my husband and my Mom to tell them all about it! Every time he does something new, my momma-heart swells up and I want to go brag on how awesome and smart my kid is. :) I'm sure you mommies understand exactly what I mean. :)

The next day, I pulled my juicer out again. For two months I have been trying to get carrots into no avail. He does Of course, I don't blame him. I have never liked them either. However, I love carrot juice, especially mixed with apple. So, I pulled out an apple, a bag of baby carrots, and made me and him some carrot-apple juice. Again, I poured the juice into his sippy-cup, handed it to him....and held my breath (and prayed!).

And he drank.....and drank.....and drank.....with a smile.


Juicing fruits and vegetables is SO easy, surprisingly delicious, and unbelievably healthy. I owe my health to juicing. I used to be sick almost constantly. Every cold or sickness that came around, I caught. I was sluggish and lacked energy. Then my family began juicing and now? I rarely get sick! My sisters began injesting vegetables that were avoided at all costs before! :) It became a game to create concoctions, trying to come up with the tastiest and healthiest juice (or smoothie!). So I HIGHLY recommend going out and getting yourself a good juicer. You will reap the benefits, I assure you!

Below is a small list of juices that I have made. Happy Juicing!!

  • Carrot/Apple juice
  • Strawberry/Spinach (use baby leaf spinach)
  • Apple/Celery/Carrot
  • Carrot/Blueberry
  • Strawberry/Blueberry/Blackberry
  • Apple/Orange
  • Orange/Spinach/Peach/Carrot


Hannah V said...

How long will it last in the fridge? I just might have to get a juicer!

Whitney said...

Awesome! Carrots are actually considered a sweet vegetable, and so go nicely unnoticed in juices. My favorite is apple, orange, and carrot. Here's a trick that I use and you may be interested in it as well. Last summer when produce was in season I purchased (or picked) enough to stock up on some juice cubes. I juiced the fruits/veggies as normal but did so into ice cube trays. I placed them into the freezer until solid, and then later into ziploc bags. I know they say that juice is best consumed directly after juicing because it will start losing some nutrients immediately. However, I figured that it hasn't lost any more nutrients in the freezer than the plain lack of nutrients (among the additives) in the packaged stuff. It's certainly nice to have fresh (though frozen) juices year round, no to mention the money saver of buying in season. :)
That is just awesome that you can get him to eat fruits and veggies at that age! Go mama!

Kristen Elizabeth said...

That's an awesome idea, Whitney! I am definitely going to do that. :)

Hannah, I have kept it in the fridge for one day, and that's only because it is consumed in that amount of time. :) It's tasty. :)

HIS daughter said...

Ok so now I really want to try the spinach and strawberry! YUMMINESS! And what an awesome idea to get fruits and veggies in!!! :)

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