Monday, February 6, 2012

What's On My Bookshelf? - 02/06/12

I haven't blogged about what I have been reading in quite a while, so here is my latest "book love" info!

I read this book a few months back and I highly recommend it for wives and/or mothers. Ephesians 5:22-33, Titus 2 – 3, and Proverbs 31 are the main passages of Scripture that this book uses in presenting us with a beautiful picture of Godly womanhood. I was greatly impacted and will be re-reading this book again soon. It is a great read but, because of her chapter on marriage and purity within marriage, I highly suggest that ONLY married women read. Those who are unmarried should wait in order to keep their hearts and minds pure. Just trust me on that. :)

I love hymns. I always have. So one of my favorite gifts I got for Christmas were these two books. They contain some of the best hymns of all time....and the stories behind them! BLISS. What I have read so far has blessed my heart and has made me fall in love with some of my favorite hymns all over again. Some hymns that I never thought much of before, have suddenly meant something to my life now that I know the happenings behind the music. I definitely recommend these two books...and I just found book #3! Good thing my birthday is coming up! :)

I got this book for Christmas and I am LOVING it!! Every mother needs to read this, in my opinion. The subtitle of this book is: Following Christ's Example in Reaching the Hearts of Our Children and that is my heart's desire as a mother. I don't want to be simply a GOOD example in reaching the heart of my child(ren). I want to follow CHRIST'S example. I really admire Sally Clarkson and her way of discipling her children. Being in the ministry my whole life, this book opened a new area of motherhood for me and I have been powerfully challenged! Two thumbs up. :)

I purchased this book for myself right after Christmas and it is a wonderful collection of poems, quotes, and essays, on true, Biblical womanhood. This book is solid and very well put together. The feminists and humanists hate the notion of being "enslaved" to homemaking, but God holds the position of keeper of the home as a high calling and we should be honored to have that responsibility. This book is an encouraging read that echoes Scripture AND gives a beautiful picture of being a "queen" of the home.

What's on YOUR bookshelf?


Whitney said...

I've heard so much about "Feminine Appeal" that it's definitely on my [rather lengthy] "to read" list! The hymn books look interesting. I can't read music, so I'd probably need something that is available in recorded music format as well. Any good recommendations there? Thanks for sharing your current reads. Such resources are always an encouragement! Btw, your new header looks FANTASTIC! :)
-Whitney @RevivingHomemaking

Kristen Elizabeth said...

Thanks! a btw, you don't have to read music to read those two books. They are just normal books with the stories behind the hymns. :)

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