Monday, February 13, 2012

Ten Months Old

When Nathan woke up this morning, I picked him up out of his bed and sat him on our bed next to Grant. I went and made him a bottle and, when I handed it to him, I watched him as he took it and, while sitting up like such a big boy, he began to drink. I sat there staring at him thinking, "He is so grown....he's doing this all by himself while sitting up.....he looks like a big boy boy is ten months old." Good golly....

Well, here is the latest. :)

  • He still has two teeth. More are on the way, but I must say that those two teeth are SO stinkin' cute.
  • He has always been a smiler, but now he has this WAY cute smile where he wrinkles his nose. *melt momma's heart*
  • He has this thing where he will deliberately take something and drop it (or throw it), then look at you and say, "Uh oh." It's funny.....and cute....and annoying when he won't stop throwing or dropping stuff.
  • When I say, "hey," I have a certain flow in my tone when I say it. I am noticing that Nathan will sometimes make the same sound and I am positive he is saying, "heeeey." :) The same goes with "thank you." Sometimes when I hand him something, he says, "ga-ga."  It sounds like "thank you".....kinda. --- I know my kid and I believe that's what he is saying, so there! :-p
  • He says, "Dadda" and he CAN say "Momma"....but he won't say "Momma" unless he's upset. *sigh*
  • Saturday (February 11), we were doing a concert. A sweet lady was holding Nathan in the crowd and, near the end when he saw us, he gave us this BIG grin. Then he saw his Daddy and wrinkled his nose and said, "Dadda!" Then...he wouldn't hush. He wanted to tell everyone how excited he was to see us. Without knowing it, Grant and I both put our fingers to our lips and mouthed, "Shhh." Suddenly, Nathan, puckered up and blinked his eyes, and pouted. ARE YOU SERIOUS?? He definitely knows how to utilize his cute factor. *shakes head*
  • If he's in the mood (yes, I have a stubborn kid), you can say, "Kisses!" and he will give you a good 'ole smack. Way cute. Although when he is hurting from teething, he may take the kissing opportunity to bite....which is something we are teaching him not to do.
  • He is clapping and!!!! I love it.
  • He loves avocados, yogurt, green beans and pinto beans, some peas, and such. BUT his two, all-time favorite things to eat is scrambled eggs and Gerber's Cheetos. That kid can put them away! Fast.
  • He is a climber. 'Nuff said.


He sleeps so weird.


Trying to catch Daddy's tongue. lol

My big boy, playing.

trying the yummy stick

EGGS! lol

Pouting. *rolls eyes*

Playing in his room :)

I'm TEN months old!


HIS daughter said...

Awww so sweet! Wow time really does fly! He is so adorable and I LOVE the "most eligable bachelor" onesie :) Lol :) I can hardly wait till my little man is here!!!! 8ish weeks till he is due!! Can't wait!!!

Jennifer said...

He is such a doll-baby Kristen! What a blessing!

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