Friday, May 6, 2011

Making a Household Notebook

Yesterday, I did some work on my household notebook. It needed some revamping. With pregnancy and now a newborn, I have kind of slacked off. But yesterday I found some sweet time to clean the office and reorganize my notebook. Though I am a planner and like to be organized, I am not the type to have every hour of every day planned out and written down. No, no, no. I like a little bit of spontaneity in my life. However, I love routines and think that everyone needs some type of routine to be mentally sane healthy.

So what do I have in my notebook? I have a list of important phone numbers. I have a list of birthdays and anniversaries that I need to remember. I have a pocket for coupons. I have a daily/weekly/monthly schedule that I try to stick to, somewhat. I have "To Do" lists and a menu planner. Then I have a section of natural remedies for various ailments and a section of natural cleaning products. I am actually wanting to build that section up more than the rest. In short, I love the idea of having one place to go to for just about anything. Every wife/mother needs a household notebook, in my opinion, and there are some GREAT resources you can work with. Anyway....thought I would share!

Websites to help with your household notebook:
Tips From a Mom of 3
Household Management 101
Organized Home
A Virtuous Woman

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In Light of the Truth... said...

I have a household notebook too, very similar to yours that I wish I utilized more! It has a spring cleaning list, my goal list, a weekly cleaning schedule that I never follow, a 31 Days to Clean list, some printouts from Fly Lady, a sheet full of memory verses I've done, a page of verses for each fruit of the spirit, a list of ways to pray for my husband, and a list of way to pray for my children, a discipline chart, a sheet of recipes for things like homemade play dough and bubble soap, and a list of ways to cut our grocery bill. Seems like a whole jumble of things but it really does have order! Love my notebook--now I just need more plastic cover pages because I ran out!

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