Saturday, May 14, 2011

Post-Partum and Me || pt 2

Thought I would post the latest on my post-partum life. There have been some changes in the last two weeks, since pt 1 was posted! :)
  • After pregnancy cravings. Is there such a thing as a post-partum craving? If so, I have one. What is it? Cookie dough. Last week, I took a package of the "just add butter and water" cookie mix, mixed it up....and didn't bake them. I just ate the dough. The next day? I baked cookies for the sole purpose of setting aside some of the dough to eat (minus the eggs, of course). Yesterday? I had the same urge to down some cookie dough. Strange....
  • Overwhelmingness. Life gets overwhelming. For the first two weeks, I was completely overwhelmed with all the changes and demands that now consume my life. There were plenty of "baby blues" moments. But then I realized that I was actually relying on my own strength to get through...which explained my utter failure. Sometimes we get too tired and forget to go to Jesus. Sometimes we're just lazy. Whatever the reason, we MUST remember to go to Him and trust HIM to get us through every difficult moment (or day...or week...or month...). He wants us to grow. He want to refine us. He wants to show us bigger and greater things. The more we run to Jesus and find comfort and peace in Him, the more we will not only be able to cope, but we will be able to joyfully embrace our new life. I am so glad I was reminded!
  • Itching. So, it has lessened a bit...which is GREAT! I still have minor itching fits but they are less intense (meaning, I don't tear my skin apart trying to find relief), and they are mostly at night and don't last long. I'm still not 100% sure of the reason beside the crazy itching, although I'm assuming it is hormones and the lingering effects of my medicine. All I know is - it's fading! I have found that alternating Johnson's Baby Oil and Palmer's Coco Butter has helped a lot, so if any of you other new mommies are suffering from crazy itching, give it a go and see if it helps you too.
  • Stretch marks. Hip-hip-hooray! They are no longer "Ew-ish." Though they aren't gone, they are fading. I have to give a HUGE plug to two of my favorite products which not only smell good and feel good, but they have made a big difference. Arbonne's Awaken Sea Salt scrub has exfoliated my tummy skin and the oils in the scrub have done a great job healing up the marks. And Arbonne's RE9 Firming Cream does just what it says it will do - firm you up. Slowly but surely, I have noticed a difference.
  • Weight Loss. I have lost about 20 lbs in the last month. That leaves 12 lbs more before I reach my pre-pregnancy weight.!
  • Milk Supply. My doctor and my lactation consultant have both recommended the herb, Fenugreek to help my milk supply grow. For the last month I have had a very hard time producing enough for Nathan. Talk about distressing! In one last-ditch effort to be able to breastfeed exclusively, I ordered Fenugreek and my bottle should come in the mail any day now. I am anxious to see if it will help. So, if any of you fellow Moms are having trouble breastfeeding, talk to your doctor about this herb. You can take it in capsules, drink as a tea, or use it in yogurt, applesauce or soups. If it helps me, I will definitely be posting about it.
  • Sleep. We are steadily getting into a routine for sleeping. We have our bedtime routine down - bath, bottle, bed. Nap times are becoming more organized as well but I'll save our routines and training for another post. Nathan is currently sleeping anywhere from 3 to 4 hours between feedings every night. Though that is still difficult for me, it is better than every 2-3 hours. For now, I am just remembering to cherish the times late at night feeding him, trying to use that time to pray, and reminding myself that it won't last too much longer. Soon, he will be sleeping through the night. :)


Rachelle said...

YAY on the itching going down!
Wow, your stretch marks are going faster than I've heard of.
You've already lost most of your baby weight? Go you!
Definitely post updates on how the fenugreek does!

Lisa said...

Praying for you, dear. <3

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