Thursday, May 5, 2011

You Might Be a MOM If....

In honor of Mother's Day, I would like to post a few humorous captions that highlight the wonderful and marvelous life of a Mom. Even though I cannot yet relate to ALL of them, I know my Mom surely can!

You might be a MOM if....

* You have ever turned your head when a child yelled, "Hey Mom!" and then realized it's not your child.

* You have ever pulled a 60, 70, or 80+ hour workweek...and never left your home.

* Your 8-year-old knows more about surfing the web than you do.

* You've ever felt like you had an associate degree in nursing because of all the band-aids, medical care and love that you've applied over the years.

* You ever get stuck on the same page in a book because of the interruptions from your kids.

* You've ever used your thumb and your saliva to clean your child's face.

* You begin to hang out more and more with your kids and their friends as they get older.

* You use Facebook to check on your kids and their friends.

* You know exactly how to get your child's attention by calling them by their entire birth name.

* You've ever said to one of your friends, "If you ever need to talk, call me. There'll be screaming in the background, and one distraction after another, but it'll be great, I promise."

* You look forward to scanning the movie section in the newspaper for any new animated movies coming out.

* You have an entire shelf overflowing with assorted sippy cups.

* You are the first person your kids come to when they are crying.

* You've ever had a garage sale just to get rid of your collection of Happy Meal toys.

* Your ears have adjusted to high pitch sounds.

* You look back and laugh at how you thought your life was crazy before you had kids.

* You can change a diaper with one hand while talking on the phone with the other.

* You have ever quarantined your son or daughter's room.

* You've ever struggled to get to the end of a long week with your kids...and realized later that you still wouldn't trade it for anything.

* You tend to brace yourself when things get too quiet around the house.

* You can reach into your purse at any given time and pull out a crayon, a toy car, goldfish crackers and at least one dirty sock.

* You have discovered multiple uses for baby wipes.

* You could easily write a manual on "How to Trick Your Child into Eating Their Veggies."

* You've ever answered the phone in your baby voice.

* You lock yourself in the bathroom with a piece of chocolate pie, telling your kids "Mommy will be right out!"

* You've discovered over 50 different ways to make spaghetti.

* You think nothing of having puke on the front of your t-shirt.

* You ever look into the eyes of your child...and just smile.

* You've often wondered how your own Mom did it...and now you know.

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Lin Atkins said...

Yep.. I can relate to almost every single quote. Now as a Grammy.. I still have wet wipes everywhere and hand sanitizer. Happy meal toys in the back seat. And small hand prints from visits that I take forever to clean off so I can remember his visit.. :D Love being a mom and Grammy.

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